We will recommend you attend the inspection in person, so you will have seen first-hand any conditions or concerns that will be thoroughly described in the report you receive.

A comprehensive home inspection may take between two to four hours, depending on the size of home, its current state, and accessibility to mechanical systems.

We will visually inspect systems that are accessible in the home as well as access and operate anything that is running.

Your Calgary home inspector will offer you:

  • Strong sense of familiarity regarding particulars of the home.

  • Valuable insight into the property you’re about to purchase and may enable you to plan for future maintenance and repairs, if any.

  • Customized written report complete with photographs within 24-hours.

  • State-of-the-art technology to access and inspect your property

  • Complimentary consultations from us regarding any questions or concerns pre and post inspection.

  • We identify problem areas that may have been unknown or known to the previous owners,  prior to the purchase of your new home.

  • Property owners will be able to recognize any obvious or hidden complications early on and take preventive measures to avoid any costly and timely repairs that could potentially affect one of life’s most respected investments.