Tyrone M. Mellon Licensed CAPHI Member,


Tyrone M. Mellon is the principle owner of Mellon Real Estate Inspection. He started his career in the Oil and Gas industry, focused at Electrical, Engineering Sustainability, Operations, and Commissioning Construction Management 19 years ago.

Integrating reliability strategies for assets; while striving for continuous improvement; accessing and inspecting plant based operations in order to optimize efficiencies, pinpointing areas of concern and providing solutions to stakeholders is what has enabled Tyrone to fully develop and perfect his inspection practice and confidence governed to exceed industry standards within the Calgary commercial, industrial and residential inspection industry.

A dedicated, full-time licensed member of the Canadian Association of Home and Property Inspectors (CAPHI), Registered Home Inspector and Thermal/Infrared Certified; specializing in accessing and inspecting the buying, building and selling of family homes, in the Calgary and surrounding areas.